Your Buddy Einstein.

Hey, Doug. It’s your buddy Einstein.

It would appear that there’s something … wrong in the C.M.S where by the wheeling is not working correctly and it’s not allowing me to … present the right item from the home page so, it’s presenting that’s out of stock actually, shouldn’t be showing …

if you get this call my cell, it’s kind of a problem … I’ll get sick of her eating something that we don’t have, bye.

Grilled Citizens

Yes, hello. My name is Elizabeth Johnson and I’m from the US Grilled Citizens. And I’m calling on the behalf of 335 Beach AD 7th apartment 1, 2 and 3. When you get this message, please call me back at 718-945-XXXX.

Ass Talk

Goodbye. 6. Yeah, hey Burke for G Hi all that. Thanks. Hello, Subject, Hi Bill, hi hello hello. I work ass talk to, hello hey hello cathartic sleep before God, hi bye. Okay bye. Yeah, Hi, Primus. It’s Denise. Com goodbye good day. Hello bye this is who it was okay bye hey bye hook up with you. Bye stuff. I cannot put. Thanks. Later. Bye, yeah thanks once, right. Hope, bye, hi bye hello hello. Ohh. Bye.

-submitted by David Dodson

diverse fiber

Hi Doug, Constantine long you well. I’m having your dad’s so please knock on the panel of Yellow Pages. Hi Doug, well I just saw the exact time with you. I just wanted to see exactly what’s going on at that you want me to talk to you before they want to sign the contract. It’s actually doing today. I’ve been trying to talk to you that for a while now. I spoke to him on Thursday. Also, but he was on his way out so I said, you know what I did have sold today and I hope I didn’t book myself in a situation where I can’t get myself out of the songs and we do have them at the close, and it has it. It’s almost like a real estate placement on the first page of some things. Dot Com what you got almost 18 100 clicks on a I want to see a movie that but because there’s 159 a month, and it’s it’s. It’s package that was yellow page package by itself. It’s 159 and if you can get back to me today would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, diverse fiber, so if I’m just (718) XXX-XXXX. Thank you.

Discount My Balls

This is Cheryl with discount my balls calling in reference to a listing order that you had emailed to us. We are not able to use that because of the screens in the arts. So we need you to re send that in 100% black and white with no screen and at least 300 D P L I an email that 2 PM at labels, dot com and reference order number, 12251000 Thank you.

A Freelance Child

Well, that’s a message and I. What’s up. Doug, It’s true, I was just curious. I’m kinda finishing up a freelance child and I was wondering if it’s possible if I can come in on Wednesday morning instead of tomorrow. Let me know if that’s a problem. Let me know if I can move stuff around. If you need me in tomorrow, but if not, I’d love to just hammer this thing out and be done with it. So just let me know if that’s possible, but you know. Again, I can certainly come and if you give me alright. Bye.

Training Shoes

Hey Doug, ski just wanna check in is good to you last night if that was fun. I hope you didn’t have to heroin a walk on course they were training shoes and I was on my way home but so if you expect these days. Anyway, give a shout and all of us. I’ll talk to you later. Hope all’s OK today. Alright.

Hamster Deg

Hi its Cris and Anna. We left some hamster deg on his bed. And basely a variations of the education page. Before I let you some issues before thinking like fever and if you don’t like keys on the construction site and  we were kind of I don’t know. We have some issues with high I’ve been take this we should be using. Yes thats right. Were trying to figure out the system use of the destruct fund for it doesn’t check fund into your pages is getting really confusing and  we need to pick our way to standardize and so that often can well for go to other template and try out to figure out the best way. So if you can take a look at Christian calls some then and we need to buy common pad we can I’ll be got this figured out by Tuesday. Thanks, bye.

I Love Ameritrade

Hi Honey, When the time. I know that I love it, ameritrade New York and I just wanted to get bye directions how to come back down on the website, but I think I have a few so I just read it, don’t get because brown and get on the like. The, so I’m a little behind sure whatever alright. Bye.