Hamster Deg

Hi its Cris and Anna. We left some hamster deg on his bed. And basely a variations of the education page. Before I let you some issues before thinking like fever and if you don’t like keys on the construction site and  we were kind of I don’t know. We have some issues with high I’ve been take this we should be using. Yes thats right. Were trying to figure out the system use of the destruct fund for it doesn’t check fund into your pages is getting really confusing and  we need to pick our way to standardize and so that often can well for go to other template and try out to figure out the best way. So if you can take a look at Christian calls some then and we need to buy common pad we can I’ll be got this figured out by Tuesday. Thanks, bye.

I Love Ameritrade

Hi Honey, When the time. I know that I love it, ameritrade New York and I just wanted to get bye directions how to come back down on the website, but I think I have a few so I just read it, don’t get because brown and get on the like. The, so I’m a little behind sure whatever alright. Bye.

Sunday Lunch

It’s Donna give me a call. Hey sleeping he’s sleeping next to you know on the car football games, but he is right coming week, that’d be great too red wine in the middle of the tell time when warm goes from Kohl’s 2 or more, whatever, and is now a stomach. Although in this floored it did not that you know we’ll come at 8, the Cheney mission and he said this out and you know. Luckily dude terribly buddy. Clad in the future. So if you a question sister’s Sherry s probably my bed but frankly key job does we want to 8 and when he does whatever is going to have us he can depend on the phone. I don’t know. I don’t know what what we can do but certainly Storage Sites alright honey. Okay helping out and being so nice and thanks again for nice lunch, it was lost, like, really. It was net anybody. Bye.

It’s True…

Hey Doug, what’s up. It’s true. I’m sorry to call you so early on some trying to take care of this point 6 but for some reason of my F. T. P information and working. I was wondering if you had changed anything or something. It’s. It shouldn’t take very long, fax, but I just attempting to get out of the server. Can you call me or or so. I will when you get this. Thanks. Bye.