Grilled Citizens

Yes, hello. My name is Elizabeth Johnson and I’m from the US Grilled Citizens. And I’m calling on the behalf of 335 Beach AD 7th apartment 1, 2 and 3. When you get this message, please call me back at 718-945-XXXX.

Ass Talk

Goodbye. 6. Yeah, hey Burke for G Hi all that. Thanks. Hello, Subject, Hi Bill, hi hello hello. I work ass talk to, hello hey hello cathartic sleep before God, hi bye. Okay bye. Yeah, Hi, Primus. It’s Denise. Com goodbye good day. Hello bye this is who it was okay bye hey bye hook up with you. Bye stuff. I cannot put. Thanks. Later. Bye, yeah thanks once, right. Hope, bye, hi bye hello hello. Ohh. Bye.

-submitted by David Dodson