diverse fiber

Hi Doug, Constantine long you well. I’m having your dad’s so please knock on the panel of Yellow Pages. Hi Doug, well I just saw the exact time with you. I just wanted to see exactly what’s going on at that you want me to talk to you before they want to sign the contract. It’s actually doing today. I’ve been trying to talk to you that for a while now. I spoke to him on Thursday. Also, but he was on his way out so I said, you know what I did have sold today and I hope I didn’t book myself in a situation where I can’t get myself out of the songs and we do have them at the close, and it has it. It’s almost like a real estate placement on the first page of some things. Dot Com what you got almost 18 100 clicks on a I want to see a movie that but because there’s 159 a month, and it’s it’s. It’s package that was yellow page package by itself. It’s 159 and if you can get back to me today would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, diverse fiber, so if I’m just (718) XXX-XXXX. Thank you.